So, I just got my MAC Hayley Williams collection, minus the mineralize skin finish because… I don’t think I need it anyway. I know this is late, but MAC doesn’t ship to Malaysia, so I had to send em to my friend in the US and had her ship it to me here. SO, I finally got it and here’s the result!

I think it looks kinda nice. I love the nail polish COLOUR, but I don’t like the formula. It’s kinda streaky when I put it on. But nothing 2-3 coats + top coat can’t cover. The eyeshadow is nice too. The colour is like a soft pinkish-red. Nothing too shocking. The lipstick… is not for me and my always chapped lips (eventhough I do drink enough water & have lip balm on 24/7) because it’s a matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks do not go well with dry & chapped lips. It’s also not a conventional colour. I mean, it’s bright orange. But I think it’s okay to use once in a while. Luckily the colour doesn’t look weird with my Asian skin, haha!

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